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Amazon Product Research & Sourcing


Comprehensive data

We use top-notch tools like Jungle Scout to get an inside look at metrics such as prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, average price, average units sold, estimated sales, and more.

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Not just best-selling but also profitable

We will find a product that doesn’t just sell well, but is lightweight, easy to ship, has good margins and involves no legal or category issues.

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Accurate estimates

Product suggestions given by us are based on real figures from tens of thousands of live Amazon listings. Unmatched accuracy means reliable product ideas and increased chances of success.

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Data-driven approach

Metrics matter and stats rule. Our data-driven estimates show you what’s exactly selling on Amazon and what’s just sitting there.

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Feel the difference between automated & humanized

Most product research tools available in the market may show comprehensive data, but they lack the human touch. With our Amazon product research services, you can get the best of both worlds.

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Hassle free solution

Most of the sellers get overwhelmed by the stats, but with us, you can skip the tedious manual research and quickly move on to the next step in the business.

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The right product can make all the difference. With eStore Factory, you can eliminate the guesswork out of product selection & spot profitable product opportunities that match your business goals.

No clunky software to download! Our ultra-organized and easy to comprehend research spreadsheet contains all the insights needed to make an informed sourcing decision. Here’s everything you can expect

Product opportunities

You will get a customized list of high-potential products that meet your standards.

Top-performing competitors

Know who is up against you, how many units they sell per day, what are their reviews and ratings and much more.

Revenue estimates

Accurately identify the expected profits, opportunities and money you can potentially make in every niche.

Price estimates

Based on the fulfilment fees and sourcing expenses, we also suggest the most profitable price for your product.

Fulfilment details

Know how many sellers are using FBA or FBM for the fulfilment of their products.

Optimization details

Find how many of your competitors have perfectly optimized listings. Entering a high-selling niche with poorly optimized listings is the shortcut to dominate in that category.