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Continued optimisation

A dedicated PPC consultant will monitor and optimise your existing PPC campaigns to ensure they run hot 24/7. See how judicious analysis of reports, adding new keywords, scaling bids and constant optimisation can help you achieve never-seen-before results.

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New campaign creation

Armed with a curated keyword list and robust marketing plan, we craft Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaigns that bring your product in front of ready-to-buy shoppers and generates the best ROI for your Amazon business.

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Creation of product-specific campaigns

We will create ASIN and category-specific campaigns to highlight the best-selling products and optimise sales on low selling products. Most agencies out there don’t bother creating these campaigns because it’s a tedious job, but we think it’s worth the time and effort.

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Keyword research

Amazon is an ever-evolving marketplace, so the keywords you’ve been banking on for the past month, might not work today. To make sure your campaigns are up-to-date with the most profitable key terms, we conduct a thorough keyword harvesting process from top-notch tools like Merchant Words & Helium 10.

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Micro-level bid optimisation

Bids, budgets and keywords will all be regularly fine-tuned in order to minimise money leaks and accelerate profitability. Our Amazon Product Ads strategy also includes harvesting and addition of negative keywords to avoid unwanted and non-converting traffic.

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Social media promotion

In order to increase your target audience, our social media marketing team will market your products on multiple social media platforms and groups using strategies such as product link sharing and promo code generation.

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End To End Amazon Sponsored Ads Management Solution
Get tailored strategies that drive results and sales worth dancing for.

How we do it?

A look at your listings

PPC optimisation starts way before campaigns are built. Our process begins with scouring through your listing and checking whether they are optimised for conversions. If they are not, every dollar you spend on advertising is practically wasted.

Quick campaign overhaul

A deeper dive into your campaign manager will help us know how they are performing. Our Amazon Sponsored Product Ads experts will refurbish your existing low performing campaigns by scaling keyword bids, weeding out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords.

Crafting a plan of action

Keeping your goals at the forefront, our Amazon PPC management experts will devise a concrete plan of action that includes targets to be achieved every month and the steps that should be taken to achieve them. All of it will be shared with you, so you know where your dollars are spent.

Let’s get to work

Now all you do is sit back and watch everything happen while our Amazon consultants take your campaigns to the next level. From cleanup of existing campaigns to setting up new ones and setting bids to adding negative keywords, we’ll do everything needed to bring your sales up and ACOS down.

Optimise and then again optimise

PPC is not a set-it-and-forget-it thing. To ensure that everything is going as planned, a dedicated PPC manager will constantly optimise and scale the campaigns based on performance data. Adding profitable search terms, adjusting bids and all those good things.

It’s time for monthly evaluation

Apart from daily reporting, you will receive a detailed PPC snapshot at the end of every month. The report will give you a detailed view of investment done into the campaigns and how they are performing this month vs. the previous month.

Work we are proud of

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