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EBAY Management

End to end eBay management services

Product listing & content creation

Partner with us and take the stress and hassle out of bulk listing new products. From listing 100s of products to new content creation, we make sure your products shine bright like a diamond on the marketplace.

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Enhanced product description pages

Creative narratives that represent your products and its unique features. Every visual element featured in your enhanced product description is purposeful, powerful and geared towards conversions.

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Returns and refunds management

Let us proactively respond to buyer messages and handle order returns to ensure your shoppers have a seamless after-sale experience. No delays, no frustration – give them a reason for coming back.

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Stock/inventory management

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have and how much you need. Our flawless approach to stock management makes sure you avoid frustrating stock-outs and overselling.

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Campaign management & optimization

With analytics and data buried deep within all of our campaigns, we help you unleash the true power of your advertising efforts through targeting the right keywords & constant optimization.

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Day-to-day management

We can help analyze various metrics to measure your account health and proactively firefight any issues that can hinder your growth or selling journey. We are your outsourced CMO.

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From audit and strategy to implementation and optimization, we manage your whole account and apply our proven best practices to make your eBay selling journey greener.

Why Choose Our Ebay Management Services?

Managed services

From content and listing creation to marketing and maintenance, we can help optimize your eBay
store from top to bottom. Backed by a team of 60+ professionals, we have expertise in every area an eBay seller needs.

Plan-first approach

Sales don’t just happen. It’s born out of sheer dedication & consistent efforts. We can help you set a roadmap that’s blindingly crystal clear and, more importantly, aligned with your goals as no two businesses are similar.

Dedicated account manager

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who’ll make you feel completely involved in the project all the time. The account manager will work with you in real-time, in your time zone – no waiting, no frustrating.

Hourly support for your store

For companies that don’t need top-to-bottom eBay solutions, we offer stand-alone and bundled services that can be hired on an hourly basis. Comprehensive services for every stage of your business growth.

eBay specialists, not VAs

While generalists are good at everything, specialists excel in their field of expertise. We believe in a specialist approach. The person assigned to you will be an eBay specialist with first-hand knowledge of the marketplace.

Security of your data & intellectual property

Comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements are put in place to ensure complete security of your business information, credentials and other IP. Besides, there are no long-term commitments – the contract renews monthly.