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White background images

Ecommerce-ready white background image created by us can be used as a main/hero image for most online shopping websites, including Amazon, Shopify and eBay. The subject and the main focus of the image will just be your product.

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Mobile to Amazon ready images

Not every seller has the resources for fancy photoshoots. That is why we have developed a unique process where you will give us a few decent mobile-clicked shots of your product and we use state-of-the-art tools and design techniques to make them look professional and Amazon-ready.

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Professional infographic design

Use eye-catching Infographic designs created by our infographic design services to highlight USPs and standout features of your product in an easy to digest way. Amazon infographic images have the superpower to simplify the complicated pieces of information so that it’s fun to look at.

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Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images are the secret sauce to conversion because they bring your product to life. A shopper might not connect with a product against a white background, but they will definitely connect with a model happily interacting with the product.

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Composite lifestyle images

We offer a special service called Lifestyle Composite, where your product is photoshopped into a professional stock photo. We really take this to the next level by photographing each item to match the lighting in the Stock scene and then our advanced retouchers work to make it look realistic.

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3D rendered images

High-fidelity renders of a product allow you to demonstrate the vision and value proposition more efficiently. You can choose to render the product in simulated environments, from different angles and with infinite variations to make the customer decision process easy.

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eStore Factory can be your one-stop shop for anything in Amazon designing. We do everything from plain white background images and product infographic design to larger-than-life lifestyle images and futuristic 3D product images. Our bunch of creative nerds know exactly how to make your brand stand out on Amazon.

Why choose our Amazon photo editing services?

Access To Royalty-free Images

We very well know that enticing images can add life to your designs, that is why we have taken unlimited access to Shutterstock’s 300 million professional and HD images.

Quick turn-around

Who says good things take time? With eStore Factory, the turn-around time for every project is just 3-4 business days’ maximum.

We won’t be satisfied until you are

We usually get the designs final in the first or maximum second revision. But if you are still not satisfied with the results, we will keep on revising the designs until you are completely happy.

Dedicated Team Support

This means your work gets done faster and efficiently. Day or night, someone is working tirelessly to help your brand reach great heights.

Around The Clock Assistance

We are just a call, message, or mail away and we can communicate on any medium you prefer. No waiting, no automated responses, no frustration.


Our clients are not just numbers for us. Each client gets full-stack resources, dedicated team support and undivided attention from the start to the end.

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