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Top Amazon PPC Strategies for Advanced Sellers

Top Amazon PPC Strategies for Advanced Sellers

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Being an advanced seller, you must be familiar with how monumental the Sponsored ads Amazon methods can be. To achieve genuine presence and power charge maximum traffic, you cannot depend on basic PPC tricks. To bolster revenue in this incredibly demanding platform it is crucial to transcend the rudimentary methods and develop dynamic strategies that pull your brand to unprecedented heights.

In this article, we will lay down the top Amazon ad services which an advanced seller should follow – Let’s get straight to the secrets!

The organic strategy

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One of the cornerstones in building the base lies in using words with high conversion rates and simplified categories, targeting for higher rank in the search result page.

Increased profit and reduced loss

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To gain maximum results out of these ads it’s crucial to reduce bids in non-profitable keywords and increase the budget for profitable ones. Pay attention to valuable placements that generate low Acos and higher CTR keywords that can plummet revenues.

The perfect Amazon product launch and research

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If you wish to launch a new set of products on Amazon this manoeuvre is specifically for you. Before you start with ads, optimise your listings and bring all the elements in place. Initially, to gain a higher rank at the top of search result pages be prepared to add expensive bids. The ad spend will increase with higher Acos for the next few months, but it is for a greater profit. Once you start reaping ROI, you observe a break-even ACOS situation, after which you’ll hit the jackpot. The strategy is to reduce the spending and stabilise the budget to accelerate the results.

Facing inventory shortage – Rely on this tip!

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If you have fewer stocks available in the inventory, your first step should be to reduce the bids by approximately 25% to 50%. Only after you have refilled your list to a healthy level should you think about reconsidering the bidding strategies. In addition, always pause the spend-sucking targets and only run ads in selected hours.

Win the Best Seller badge!

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Concentrate on driving maximum traffic and visibility through a dynamic placement to acquire the BST badge from Amazon. Anticipate observing healthy growth and improved conversion rates with lowered CPC. Provide feasible offers to your customer, like lightning deals, coupons and other benefits. Target the top competitor terms aggressively to direct traffic to your listing.

It is time to strategise

Curate a dependable plan that aligns with your brand goals. One of the ways is to strike a balance between organic and paid strategies so they work in harmony.

It is keyword mastery – Amazon product keywords sorted!

The basic foundation of Sponsored ads lies in well-optimised keywords. However, adding any keyword will not provide the desired results. Advanced operations go beyond simple Amazon Keyword Research.

Let us see how experts bring about change

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Uncovering long-tail keywords

Compared to any other match type like broad and phrase, the exact long-tail keywords have proven to drive maximum momentum. These valuable treasures are specific and exactly match the search queries typed in by customers on the Amazon search bar. Such low-competition keywords seamlessly convert into sales. Harness powerful tools, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Merchant Words and pluck out highly trending and search volume targets ingrained into campaigns.

Conquer the competition

Third-party tools like Jungle Scout let you dive deeper into what others are doing. You can contemplate what strategies your competitors are leveraging and tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Remove Amazon advertising negative keywords.

One of the ways to check the output from campaigns lies in scrutinising negative terms. Via the search term report analysis, experts pin out non-profitable keywords that drive unwanted traffic and lead to high spending and reduced sales.

Explore the different types of keywords – Leverage the Amazon keyword planner.

Many times, the word search term and keywords are used interchangeably. However, they are distinct from one another. ‘Search term’ refers to the queries employed by customers on the Amazon search bar while looking for products, while the’ keywords’ are added in campaigns by advertisers to show ads on search or product pages. Keyword research for Amazon products can be tricky. Collaborate with the right Amazon PPC consulting agency for premium guidance.

Let us see when you should use which ad.

  • Broad – You always start with general keywords. Derive other profitable keywords and match types via the ‘broad’ match type. Note that it’s highly competitive and can only suffice to fuel the engine of visibility, but it is unsustainable.
  • Phrase – Ads pop up only if the keywords match the search terms. It’s less rigid than the exact type but not more flexible than the broad match type.
  • Exact – These specific keywords allow ads to be displayed when the customers use the identical search term with zero change. Also known as the long tail keywords, it’s the least competitive and most heightened sales booster.

Know ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ for your campaigns – Sketch the road map!

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Setting your campaign strategy is super important and you should have clarity on the reason you have to use which type of campaign. Why did you enter into this ad space in the first place? Before all these complex steps, calculate the break-even Acos per cent. When you start pumping sales, you will begin to drive an improved metric. The performance of all the products will differ from one another. Not all sell in identical amounts. Your only aim should be sales and only sales.

The campaign structuring – An art of an architect!

One of the bedrocks of success lies in careful planning and precise placement. For an advanced seller, it amounts to the following –

  • The power of dissecting elements – Divide campaigns into separate ad groups and track campaigns based on categories, products and keywords. The more you segregate and simplify, the more control you gain in managing campaigns effectively.
  • Use the match types the right way! Don’t miss out on utilising any kind of keyword. From broad and phrase to exact, know which to use and where to spread your niche throughout Amazon.
  • Don’t be skittish to A/B test – With trial and error, you will find the accurate cluster of words that work for your product.
  • Amazon Lifestyle Product Photography and EBC – The importance of product photography in e-commerce is not a secret. Present your products from different angles in a life-like manner.
  • A blissful blend of auto and manual ads – Focusing only on one will never prove profitable. It’s the synergy between them that brings out the best. You know how? Starting with Auto campaigns gives you a foothold on keywords which could expand targeting in the Manual ads with flexibility in bidding and budgeting. Learn the magic of using all three types of Amazon targeted ads like Sponsored Products, Display and Brand ads effectively.
  • Drive sales towards both the product page and Amazon storefront – Create your own Amazon store to encourage customers to engage more with the brand. First, register the brand in the Brand Registry program.

Discover the art of bidding right!

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What is the Pay-per-Click model?

Let us demystify the second auction model for you. Let’s imagine you desire to position your ads at the top of the search result page and other placements. How would you do it? Via an easy formula of competitively bidding on keywords, it’s possible to push sales to new havens. It’s a live auction where brands like you bid varied amounts on similar keywords. When your ad quality matches the standards of Amazon and wins the bidding game, your campaigns reach your potential customers. When a seller wins the auction, they don’t need to pay the exact amount. Just pay 0.01 $ less than the seller in second place.

The dynamic bidding power

Dynamic bidding in combination with payment modifiers allows for the adjustment of bids based on ad performance. The tool being rigid leaves you no control over tweaking the bidding. Using ‘Dynamic Bids Up and Down’ techniques, Amazon manoeuvres to increase and decrease spending on historical data. Don’t be shocked to see steep spending on low ROI campaigns – the results are unpredictable. To reap maximum benefits, it is necessary to scan and search for reports weekly and monthly.

The magic of manual bidding

Never allow automated bidding methods to pull the reins manual bidding is the way to go. Relying on automatic techniques entirely isn’t safe. Daily monitor your targets and bids to avoid spending. The Amazon suggested bids are just for reference and not a compulsion. Set bids as per your choice.

Budget allocation

  • Set your budget correctly, add a higher budget on converting keywords and targets and retract money from unwanted ones. Through the data-driven approach, adjust budgets spending on its results. Use it where it’s most needed and can issue a more remarkable impact.
  • Seasonal changes – In prime seasons, Cyber Mondays, Black Friday and other holidays keep a watchful eye on the demand and supply chain. Bid aggressively on well-performing keywords will go slightly defensive on less promising targets.

Leverage data analytics

  • When it comes to making any changes in the sponsored campaigns, depend on Amazon’s first-party insights. Examine sales records to learn which campaigns and keywords generate the most income. You can use this information to make wise judgements about where to concentrate your efforts.
  • Learn to Benchmark – Compare how your campaigns serve according to the industry standards. Channelise which areas demand greater attention to succeed on Amazon.

Explore the power of collaboration – Partner with the best Amazon agency.

Never get lazy about experimenting with different strategies, you never know what works best for your brand and target audience. To beat the competition and achieve profit on a month-on-month basis, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and industry insights. Advertising can be quite challenging, but only those Amazon agencies who hold the confidence to jump over any hurdle can shine on Amazon.

You are not alone in this journey – Partner with Amazon specialists who know every nook and corner of Amazon. Trust their Amazon Sponsored ads management skills – ‘’An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.” – Konrad Lorenz.

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