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What are Sponsored Brand outcome-based campaigns & how to use them?

What are Sponsored Brand outcome-based campaigns & how to use them?

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In this fast-paced digital world, mastering Amazon PPC advertising is pivotal in creating an impression of Amazon’s dense virtual jungle. What allows you to concoct a difference with millions of sellers and vendors on Amazon? Step into this game of selling and buying with Sponsored Brand ads. It is not just any advertising an Amazon sponsored ads tool but a brand-building booster. Jump into the Sponsored Brand outcome-based campaigns with a higher chance of improving brand awareness and driving traffic and visibility towards your product listing and Amazon storefront.

Let’s delve deep into the land of Sponsored Outcome ads – It is a new world of advertising.

What are Sponsored Brand outcome-based campaigns?

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Sponsored Brand outcome ads are a new league in the world of advertising. Simplifying the Amazon ad optimisation, you can now target with a customised logo, headline and ad group targeting. These ads are strategically exhibited in central places in the search result pages and on respective product pages, improving product discoverability and visibility in the eyes of customers looking for it. These tailored campaigns remove the guesswork and only depend on first-party insights and detailed metrics. Remember you need to enrol your account in the Amazon Brand Registry program to utilize this tool to the maximum.

Key features of Sponsored Brands outcome-based campaigns :

  • Curating definitive strategies – The two prime goals of the Sponsored outcome ads lie in improving page visits and growing brand impression share.
  • Tailored bidding methods and targeting – Within campaigns, you will find suggestions of targets and bids to enhance your campaign result.
  • Theme targeting – Expanding the traditional targeting methods -The thematic methods involve a customised keyword which boosts the outcomes.
  • First-party insights – Depend only on Amazon metrics and reporting meticulously designed to provide the right information.

The details of Sponsored Brand ads

There are two outcomes – Page visits and brand impressions share and both are equally important.

  • Brand Impression share – As the name suggests, this revolves around showing ads to customers searching for your products within a category. It is crucial to elevate your brand presence and visibility. It is now or never!
  • Page Visits – Don’t leave your pages unattended and drive more customers toward your page. Encourage consumers to take valuable action, ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’.

Understanding the mystery behind ‘Theme targeting’

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In this digital realm, staying competitive isn’t an option but a necessity. How can you create a difference? Just remaining on Amazon isn’t enough you can only beat the competition with creativity and innovation. This cutting-edge technique has taken the platform by storm. With a seamless process, easy-to-setup and keeping the brand’s intention in mind, it has been able to drastically enrich efficiency.

Explore the prime aspects of theme targeting – (Amazon-targeted ads)

  • Brand keywords – Sponsored ads hold keywords similar to your brand and products. Incorporating such searchable keywords fastens the entire ad process and your customers are conceivably able to find your products quickly. When your customer looks for your brand using similar keywords to those added in the campaign, your ads pop up on their screens, elevating and reinforcing your presence in the marketplace.
  • Keywords related to your product listings (Amazon product keyword research) – If you want to fetch new customers, don’t focus on this kind. It aligns keywords with those related to your product page. Allow your customers to navigate through product details and features efficiently. Uniquely boost discovery and category queries using Amazon keyword research tools to identify highly converting keywords.

Targeting – (Page visit campaigns)

Targeting is the basic foundation of any advertising method and Amazon advertising is no exception. Amazon offers product and keyword suggestions that stem from customer purchase behaviour and interaction with brands and products based on the number of clicks the product receives. In other words – The higher the number of clicks, the higher the keyword relevance. The final objective is to show ads to only those customers interested in visiting your product detail page to check your products.

Brand Impression Share campaigns

For those looking to improve top-of-search impression share (top-of-search IS) the targeting methods are slightly different. The motto behind such campaigns is to steer brand visibility and improve credibility. The trick is to fetch keywords that increase the chances of your customer to browse through the product in the category. Amazon Keyword Research is not as easy as it looks allow keyword experts to do it.


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If the keywords are the building blocks, bidding is the advertising framework. It is critical to grasp every bidding strategy to know which works best. For different outcomes, you will need a separate bidding method. These recommendations are derived from historical data on winning bids for each specific target, whether it’s for a keyword or a product. For page visits, the CPC (Cost-per-Click) bidding method is used while for Brand Impression Share, the cost per thousand impressions or Vcpm is utilized.

Prime strategies to push Brand Impression Share on Amazon :

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In an excessively saturated and competitive digital landscape, boosting brand impression share is climactic in growth and success. It lies in the hands of the sellers and vendors to enhance their brand credibility and Share of voice (SOV) by using the suited techniques.

To make sure campaigns provide the best results the following tips and schemes should be kept in mind :

Focus on more significant and seasoned brands – Brand defence strategy – If you have already established your roots deep in the soil of Amazon, it’s necessary to protect your brand. Keyword search services find brand-related keywords so that your products appear when customers are actively exploring your brand. Monopolise your territory on Amazon and drive valuable shopper engagement.

Newer brands waiting to be noticed – Brand discovery strategy – If you are an emerging brand on Amazon the first step you should look into is discoverability. Utilise broader keywords that allow you to tap a wider category of queries and also attract shoppers who have yet to interact with your brand.

The standard strategy for all brands – Pay attention to other known and popular brands on Amazon – Fetching the prevalent brand within your category can play a strategic move. Curating different keywords of similar brands within your campaigns can give you an extra edge to drive traffic awareness and the interest of customers, who are looking for similar products.

Premium Sponsored ads Management tips – No other Amazon agency will reveal

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  • One of the crucial tips to effectively utilise theme targeting and the keyword recommendations and vCPM bids. It has been marked that those who add recommended keywords and suggested bids have almost 23% top-of-search impression share (IS) enhancement compared to others who did not leverage these two. For a streamlining and campaign set-up, theme targeting is a must.
    : Include keywords that closely match your brand.
  • Distribute budget evenly for brand impression growth – Budgeting is one the trickiest yet most important parts of campaign creation. Setting an accurate budget can lead to multiple benefits. Your daily campaign budget should be adequate to allow the campaigns to run through the day and in profitable hours. It ensures your products are shown to potential shoppers. The simplest way to tackle any issues with the campaign budget is to allocate a higher budget for converting campaigns and reducing less profitable ones.
  • Drive attention towards the store and push popular products – Some ASINs, often sell more than others. One of the best tips is to link your store, show your ads and place fruitful Asin in front.

When you leverage such key tips and tricks, you open new avenues and increase “Brand Impression Share”. With a focus on impacting millions of customers on Amazon, you can leverage Amazon insight data and the best Amazon keyword research tools to simplify complex campaign structures and purchase processes. Note that these strategies are flexible to adjust to different situations and constraints. Enrich brand awareness, heighten your share of voice (SOV) and pilot shoppers through a seamless brand experience to steer long-term brand growth. Empower your selling journey, dominate the market with your existence and turn every visitor into a shopper.

Partner with leading Amazon consultants and gain control of the selling game on Amazon with the right strategy, observation and execution – You are unstoppable. Etch your destiny – They are the key to unlimited sales and visibility. Unlock new doors to creativity and innovation. Your products will shine when Amazon PPC specialists show the way to the new North Star (success). You should know your product potential and how to place it smartly in this highly resourceful platform. The Sponsored Brand ads are the mouthpiece of your product, selling memories and not just products. Remember, it’s a digital jungle where only the king survives and reigns over others. When you roar, everyone listens. In the new era of virtual space, your business deserves the limelight. Don’t dream of being big, relive it on Amazon when you have a core Amazon PPC management agency working closely to build a name in the world’s largest-selling shop. Sell more online with ads masters. They are the captain of your ship, helping you navigate through the highs and lows of the Amazon waves.

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